Wednesday, November 21, 2007

The Month in Pictures

So we're heading to Montana, tomorrow, to spend time with my aunt and uncle in their cabin just outside Missoula.  (I know, I know: if we bought carbon offsets, this year, somebody would be very rich and we would be very poor.) I thought before I get a store of a whole new set of photos, I'd do a little photoblogging to make up for the long lapse of no posting:

After Greendaddy's parents left...and we didn't get any photos when they were here...we had a few regular days.  Greendaddy and Grasshopper tooled around in the cool bike seat my friend Jbrd gave us.


And Greendaddy experimented with taking over my old job (or my boob's old job) of putting Grasshopper to sleep...


...then he perfected it.


After a couple weeks of moseying and snoozing, we hopped on the plane with our irate toddler and went to Virginia, where Grasshopper got to bond with her cousins Katydid (who is five) and Cricket (a little older than one).  This was taken right before we went to a Pumpkin Patch:


This is the picture that shows how Grasshopper was the one little cousin who really needed a nap, but refused to take one:


At the farm with the Pumpkin Patch we spent about twenty minutes lounging in this pile of corn. Greendaddy wanted to make his own pile of corn, right in the back yard, because it was so comfortable and refreshing.  Really, on both accounts.  This is Grasshopper:


And Cricket:


And the whole bunch of us:


When we got back home, my mom came to visit, and it was Halloween.  Grasshopper appears here as a Lion.  She's wearing her friend Willy's costume, homemade by his grandmother the year before.  She won $10 at WholeFoods later on, in the costume contest my mother quickly discovered and entered her into:


And she was also either a Boohbah or Rodney Dangerfield:


I didn't think she knew how to open up candy by herself 
since we never give her any candybars.   But my baby is no fool.


Here's my mom, Greendaddy, and Grasshopper -- the only proof mom was here, as I keep aiming the camera at the baby and my husband, and nobody else.  Got to get better at that:


Mom took us to the Renaissance festival.

Picture 122

Grasshopper was sitting on a giant, fabulous cement pig that my mother didn't think was nearly as intersting as we are:

Picture 132

We went to Galveston with my mom, but we went too late to get in the water.  The weekend after she left, though, we went to Surfside and it was still warm enough to get in the water.  Two weekends ago.


Montana, where I'm going at five a.m. tomorrow, will be tough medicine for this subtropical family, but I hear we get to go cross country skiing...


Jessi Louise said...

I have family in Surfside and we've been there a few times to visit. Makes me miss the beach! Also, I love the lion costume.

cake said...

i really enjoyed looking at all the photos. the beach ones are particularly beautiful. thanks for taking the time to post them.

miss you!