Thursday, November 08, 2007

Vegetarianism and Candy

We're gearing into getting back to the blog.  There is just SO MUCH to write about that the thought of starting again is obliterating.  But today at the hospital we were compiling the tri-yearly newsletter and I came across these poems, perhaps the funniest in the world.  

by Micah, 9 years old

A chili dog is a dog.
Not meat.
So I eat that.
No hamburgers.
I'll eat a little bit of fried chicken.
I like sausage.
I hate bacon.
No pork at all.
I like ham. Not roast beef.
I stopped eating meat.
I don't eat meat at all.
But hot dogs, ham, and sausage.
Tacos ain't meat.

I get my special powers
by being a vegetarian.

Nine Ways of Looking at Candy

I like to give away my candy
because I'm a giver.
Give! Give! Give!
That's all I do.
Don't ask why.

Just eat it.
You just better be happy.
I got this candy for you
because I rode on an ambulance last night.

The reason I don't eat candy
or chips or stuff like that
is that it gets stuck in your teeth.
The more you eat
the more it gets stuck.

On Halloween my cousin Tracie
laid all my candy on the table
and took all the Whoppers.
My dad like's Robin's eggs.
He likes Easter egg candy.

My mom buys all the candy
and I stay home
watching television.

If you eat too much licorice
you're going to grow tall.
Not red, but tall.
Tall with a red head.
If you eat too much chocolate
you turn into a blueberry.

I'll tell you who likes candy:
He stole some from Armani.
A long time ago.
It's true.

I don't care
who eats it.

a mixing of
chocolate and fruit
a mixing of
vanilla, chocolate, and strawberry

I'm going to pass the candy

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Henitsirk said...

"I get my special powers
by being a vegetarian."

Too funny!