Sunday, July 16, 2006

Flea Killing Pomade for Men: Green Parenting Survey #1

I am so nerdily excited! Green Parenting has received its first requests for advice. The (certainly delusional) bones in my body that have always known, deep inside, that I am wiser and full of better hints than Heloise, Ann Landers, Miss Manners, Dr. Ruth and Dan Savage are all heated up -- they're glowing, buzzing, mooing, I say, and quite tantalizingly so, of self-importance.

Quixotic Mama is asking about what we do to get rid of fleas; Lou wants to know about natural pommades. As it turns out, I had been working up a post about the cat (we don't have dogs) anyways, as Raj was just wondering abou fleas the other day. But the pommade thing will take even extra research.

Does anybody out there have any suggestions about natural, home-made pommades for men? Or for that matter, does anyone want to weigh in on the natural (no Advantage, FrontLine etc.) flea issue before I post something that sounds all knowing but isn't as smart as what you've always done? Please share!

It just now occurs to me that it would serve all sorts of important purposes if somebody could come up with a pommade for men that also repels fleas. Think greaser poodles.

Anyway. It has been my turn to post for the last few days, and this is my promise that I will post soon. It is true I had a momentary lapse of writer's oomph while trying to decide what to write about boundaries and plastics, but the more immediate prospect of answering actual questions has thawed me out.

So thanks Quixotic Mama and Lou for making my bones moo.


chuck said...

the best pommade is the kind your scalp secretes naturally. i am often asked what kind of product i use in my hair. answer: rarely wash it. instead, wet it, scrub scalp with your nails, pulling natural oils up to ends of hair, let drip dry.

if you're vegan/vegetarian, eat more seeds and nuts, flax oil, avocados. wash every two to three weeks, depending on how oily your hair normally is.

Lou said...

Men have it so easy when it comes to hair. However, I actually think my husband has tried that. But his hair is really coarse and prone to 'fro. A 'fro would not fly at his job. Does Burt's Bees have some kind of hair wax, or something stronger? I guess I can look myself...