Sunday, April 23, 2006

Six Weird, Green Things (Zombie Limbs In the Compost & Organic Gothic)

Over at Busy Mom she wrote about 6 weird things because Wacky Mama and Motherhood Uncensored tagged her. I'm a fairly new blogger and think it might be not WRONG to live out another person's tag, but sort of UNCOOL. About anybody whose ever gone to Elementary, Jr. High, and High School with me will know what the blogging community might only be suspecting at this point: I am VERY uncool. Luckily, because I've decided to write about the 6 weirdest green things I’ve noticed since beginning this blog. To add to my potential blogging inetiquetteness, I've rearranged the order of the last three posts for clarity's sake:

1) Zombie Limbs In the Compost: Those beetle larvae beneath GreenDaddy’s composts may be saving the earth by chomping on all our leftover sludge but they look like a corpse’s translucent, swollen fingers, they move like accordions, their little legs look sharper and more evil than regular bugs’, and I don’t believe they are harmless. They sleep just fifty feet away from my bedroom window.

2) Organic Gothic: One Sunday afternoon -- when Westheimer, Houston’s hip/liberal/gay/tattoo/antique/coffee house strip is most busy -- I caught myself sauntering through all the hullabaloo dressed in the raggedy post-baby outfit I live in these days: black former-running pants with a hole in the crotch that I’ve closed with a safety pin, and a nursing top I’d love if it hadn’t inexplicably developed a fuzz ball colony on the the little panels covering my boobs, and nowhere else (a construction flaw, I’ll point out, not a byproduct of the boobs!). This is the outfit I live in. On this particular Sunday, my ensemble was completed by my three month old daughter hanging over my right shoulder in a purple and gold striped sling and flamingo pink sunglasses, and a brand new pitch fork slung:
a) Menacingly
b) Ridiculously
c) Provokingly
d) Unfashionably
e) All of the above
over my left shoulder. On the way TO the hardware store I noticed lots of people pointing and laughing at BabyG, because she was very cute in her sling and her hot pink sunglasses [picture forthcoming]; on the way home FROM the hardware store I noticed lots of people pointing and whispering at me.

...And now, it appears that aside from being uncool, I'm also too obsessive a writer to create a short list. MO LATER.

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Izzy said...

lol...I think I have those very same postpartum safety-pin-in-the-crotch black pants and pilly shirt :)