Wednesday, April 19, 2006

Last Three Weird Green Things (Mystery, The Obvious Boob Thing, & The Most Obvious(ly Cheesey?) Weirdly Green Thing of All))

4) Mystery: I'm still thinking about number 4.

5) The Obvious Boob Thing: My breasts make milk. After living so many years with my breasts fulfilling certain functions (like attracting...bees and... bouncing around during softball games) they have suddenly become utile in a much less abstract way. I have this very, very fat babe wholly due to the boob milk.

Related, very weird question (I actually have a lot of questions, but this sort of encapsulates all of them.): If I was on a desert island with scanty food sources, with a handful of people, would I be able to feed them all if I ate all the food and breastfed them? Or at least, would they live a little longer than they would if there was no breastfeeder?

6) The Most Obvious(ly Cheesey?) Weirdly Green Thing of All:

Something Like This:
Turned Into This:


Izzy said...

I've wondered about #5 myself. Not necessarily about the desert island but the same general question.

I still don't know the answer.

theresa, North Carolina US said...

i had to laugh at the breastfeeding question! i think it actually makes sense! my son is over 3 years old and still breastfeeding between his current self-chosen diet of fruit and crackers. it's amazing that my body has been able to supply so much to him. i wish you the best.