Monday, January 21, 2008

Since We Last Communicated

I wondered why it is that people always put things like blueberries or bananas or raisins in oatmeal, and rice with beans. Never one to have a thought without a recipricol action, when Grasshopper requested a bowl of cereal for dinner, I added some turtle beans to her oatmeal and molasses. I felt smarter than her the first few bites, when she, as usual, dived after the dark chunks that are usually blueberries in her oatmeal. It took her seven or eight bites before she determined she'd been hoodwinked. GreenDaddy and I tasted the oatmeal and were surprised it took her so long: the reason people don't but beans in oatmeal, we immediately surmised, is because it brings out the grossest sides of two foods that we generally like. The thick innards of the beans, particularly, doesn't go with the mushiness of oatmeal like it goes with grains of rice. This isn't to say I won't try adding lentils to the rice, one day, if Grashooper continues demanding to eat cereal 24/7.


Defiantmuse said...

hm. what are turtle beans? I've never heard of them before.

PlanningQueen said...

I have always avoided hiding "stuff" in my kids food for two reasons. Firslty, as you have jsut experienced, they will work it out and secondly, what message do we send to kids when we do this? They may then start to wonder what else are we trying to slip past them. I guess i particularly feel drawn to writing about this, as I have a massive dislike of beans of any description!

Anna said...

lentils with rice is a great combination. both cook at about the same rate so you can even use the same pot, and for picky eaters, red lentils don't have as distinctive a texture or color