Wednesday, January 30, 2008

Feeding Dangerous Cruelly Slaughtered Meat to Our Kids

The Humane Society of the United States has made public an investigative video that shows how slaughterhouses try to force sick cows to stand up so they can be killed and sold as meat to children in school. I have included a copy of the video below, which is shocking but does not include any actual images of slaughter.

Whether or not you watch it, I hope you are moved to action. I sent a letter to one of the Texas senators. Here's what I wrote:

Dear Senator Hutchison,

Atrocious cruelty like that documented by The Humane Society of the United States at Hallmark slaughterhouse must stop immediately. (See the investigation video at

For the sake of animal welfare and food safety, please institute a "bright line" ban on all downers in the food supply by closing the loophole in USDA's current policy and by redirecting agency resources to ensure meaningful enforcement.

I have a daughter who is two years old and I am shocked that the US government would not do more to safeguard the meat that is sold to children.

This case illustrates the need for constant USDA supervision at slaughter plants, including overseeing the way animals are handled when they're moved off the truck, rather than occasional check-ins. Thank you for your consideration.


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Joy said...

Thank you for your blog on animal cruelty in slaughterhouses. Most of us have become so distanced from the way our meat is produced that we have become complacent about a broken system. I blog about my journey towards becoming a greener parent at