Sunday, January 14, 2007

A Return

Blogger promises our problems will be solved by the end of the week, sort of.  Already I am experiencing the particular writers block of a person who has a long list of Very Important Things to blog about, and is therefore stumped.  I want to write about elimination communication and how, miraculously, BabyG makes the "pssst" sound about 70% of the time she needs to go pee.  I want to write about my stepmother's end stage liver failure, a little, and alcoholism.  I want to write about birthday cake recipes.  I also want to write a post that's just about BabyG, who turned a year old.  And I want all the posts to be fabulous.


And I have a few product reviews to write.


There's so much to write it seems daunting.  

Will this post?


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