Monday, January 08, 2007

Blogger is not Green

This might work. I have hacked into the html code, and will upload the whole blog.

We aren't ignoring the world. We switched to the new and "better" "Beta" "Blogger" but so far it has only been new. It won't let us upload any files. It won't register that you've commented, although if you click on the comment links (0 comments), you'll see any comments left. Anybody publishing via ftp & vdeck is, as the teenagers used to say, screwed.

We are using vdeck and publishing via ftp.

So since GreenDaddy's last post, we haven't been able to regularly publish. One post got through on a glitch. And I'm hacking this one in to see if it will work.

Muy deflating.

Highlights You Might Not Expect From the Holidays:

  • My stepmom thinks I'm Caroline Kennedy. Really.
  • She thinks my father is four different men named Lou.
  • We like my sister's fiance, and he works for Homeland Security.
  • BabyG made her happy, and vice versa.
  • BabyG got some plastic electronic toys from the family that she ADORES.
  • BabyG hung out with all her grandparents and started feeling comfortable around them.
  • BabyG and I saw our friends' Julie and Jeff's incredible property, filled with Redwoods,outside of San Jose.

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Henitsirk said...

I'm using Blogger-no-longer-in-Beta, and it's working great, though not via FTP. I'm also exploring Word Press, but they don't have an upload function for Blogger 2.0 so I would have to transfer each post thanks!