Friday, October 06, 2006

A Recent Interview with My Eight Month Old

Me: I’m not sure I want you to grow up thinking that we live in a Global Capitalist Patriarchy in perpetual crisis like you implied in our last interview. I want you to be happy. I want you to go hiking more than I have and spend less time shouting into megaphones.

My Baby: But Daddy, have you considered that another word for crisis is opportunity?

Me: I think I read that once in a Deepak Chopra book. Or did I hear that on the Oprah Winfrey show?

My Baby: I want you to be serious.

Me: OK. So you are saying that crises are openings. Ways out. Chances to create a different world. Opportunities to resist.

My Baby: Not just opportunities to resist, Daddy, but opportunities to live more joyfully.

Me: Give me an example.

My Baby: Well, we’ve talked about how capitalism tends to tear apart communities, social structures, and families. Even Sweden has elected a new government that plans on reducing state support to women and families on the grounds of making their economy more competitive in this era of globalization. It’s a race to the bottom. Families are preserved only in so far as they hide costs like childcare. On the other hand, as Rosemary Hennessey points out in Profit and Pleasure, women in paid employment can often live outside of traditional kinship ties. They can choose to refuse marriage. They can choose to be lesbians. They can choose to enter a heterosexual marriage. They can choose to leave one.

Me: So you want to be a lesbian?

My Baby: Would you be OK with that if I did?

Me: I want you to try to create the most meaningful and joyful life for yourself as possible. If that meant being a lesbian, I’d be fine with that.

My Baby: What if I think being a cheerleader for a professional American football team is the most meaningful and joyful life I can live?

Me: No.


quixoticmama said...

lovin' your interviews. Particularly like the ending to this one ;)

Henitsirk said...

We decided that my son can be anything he wants when he grows up, we'll be totally supportive. Except for morally depraved things like pimp, mercenary, etc.

Gay? Fine. Firefighter? I'll be even more neurotic than I am now, but fine. Republican lobbyist? Well, if it makes him REALLY happy, though that's on the edge of the moral depravity scale.

Funny how we haven't talked about this regarding our daughter. Perhaps it's that she doesn't seem to need anyone's approval, or permission for that matter, to do whatever the heck she wants.

GreenDaddy said...

Thanks quixoticmama.

Maybe when our kids grow up, the Republican party won't exist anymore and then we won't even have to consider the possibility that they would become Republic lobbyists.

Diana said...

LOL, very cute!