Tuesday, January 31, 2006

EC Milestones

Today BabyG and I went to a nearby coffee shop, where I wanted to read John Winthrop's Modell of Christian Charity for an hour or so. BabyG slept soundly, and we lucked into a nice table outside, and escaping house was so restful that we ended up staying a few hours. Since she was dozing in her stroller or in my Sweet Pea sling it was easy to keep track of her little potty signs.

The first time she started squirming I ran her to the bathroom. It didn't have a counter, so it took finagling to get her diaper off & discover it wasn't yet soiled or wet. I figured if I went back to the table she would go in a minute or so...so for the first time since we started this EC adventure I held her over a real, big person's toiletbowl (instead of her plastic Bjorn buckets) and said "Psssst" -- and she smiled and peed. About an hour later she peed and pooed in the toilet -- and if you think you're embarrased for me now for all the gushing I've already done about my baby going potty at Brazil's, you would be absolutely mortified to know how proud and excited I was this afternoon when I heard poo shoot into the toilet. I'm guessing BabyG's either the only, or one of the few six weeks olds who has eliminated in the potty at Brazil (the restaurant). To top off the experience: we went to dinner at a restaurant and she continued her foray into the world of eliminating into public toilets with both me and her daddy.

For the record, a year ago I never could have imagined that I'd be holding my baby over a toilet; or that I'd be delighted when she pooed; or that I'd be convinced she waits for me to take her to pee and poo if she can, even at one and a half months old.

But here I am.

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Anonymous said...

You know, I always used to say in college that all of my conversations eventually turned to sex or shit...

It's kind of a relief to see that this doesn't stop in middle age.