Wednesday, January 11, 2006

Atoning for a Sin

We have fallen from the grace of the Goddesses of Green. Please hear me witness now. My parents flew in to see their granddaughter for the first time. They rented a little beach house on Galveston island for the week so that we could all stay together by the Gulf shore. MaGreen and I did our best to prepare, packing all of our gear into the car. Unfortunately, we couldn’t fit the wooden co-sleeper in the car. Even though we sleep with the baby in the bed, in our judgment we needed somewhere safe to keep BabyG. So we bought a huge portable, plastic, combo crib/changing table/play pen called the Graco Pack N Play…and we bought it at Walmart.

I knew it was a sin when we committed the act. We must atone for purchasing goods from Walmart, because it is an anti-union monster. By making the purchase from Walmart, we contributed to the erosion of workers’ rights here in the US and globally. It’s just that the local, non-corporate baby shops don’t sell Pack N Plays and the consignment baby store didn’t have one. The Pack N Plays at the other big box stores like Babies R Us and Target were an additional twenty dollars and on top of that price difference, their models did not have the features we wanted. In seeking atonement, MaGreen and I have decided that we will donate $40 to which is helping coordinate efforts to defeat Walmart’s abusive practices. And we will redouble our efforts as consumers to support fair, ecologically sustainable trade.


Laura said...

You are absolved, my son. Go in peace.


cake said...

you will probably find yourself making many ethically difficult choices such as this in your parenting. go easy on yourselves. the guilt doesn't really help anyone.
i also wish i had known you needed one of those, cuz i have one sitting in my closet that i haven't even taken out of the box yet. mine was a gift, so it comes relatively guilt free... however, i am not sure it has the changing table feature...