Monday, June 09, 2008

Goodbyes Always Sound Existential

The other night Grasshopper, the member of our household struggling most with control of prepositions and personal pronouns, had so much fun with her Chuck Uncle, Hank Uncle, and Melanie Auntie that she could hardly believe it when they had to go.

"There goes my play for you," she said, forlornly, but resolutely, as they pulled away in Hank's white pickup.



cake said...

cosmo has been saying,
"what we are?"
it sounds like one of those profound philosophical questions. i often answer with something like "that's what we all want to know."

what he means to ask is
"where are we?"

anthromama said...

Oh, so sad! Kids always get the emotions and how to express them, even if they don't get the grammar quite right.

chuck said...

it should also be told that, earlier in the kitchen, i shook wet hands out over grasshopper's head and, without looking up, she declared, "it's raining."

thanks for the blueberries!

we'll be back!

Anonymous said...

Kate from co-op here. Miah- your last order was on May 14th with the last share being yesterday's, so if you want one next week, please order online. I think you can still order online for next week.

Also, on that order form, the orders were placed for Thursdays not Wednesdays hence the error.

Hope you see this!

Oh and that's a very cute sentence from grasshopper. :)