Wednesday, May 14, 2008

Graphic Blogging

The other day I stumbled upon a website whose author makes cartoons out of peoples dreams. Which made me want to immediately try making a cartoon of one of my own dreams, though all I had was the tiny paint program that comes free on the PC. It was pretty fun, anyway.

So here's my first entry into the realm of graphic expression (you can see it bigger here):


anthromama said...

Very nice! And poetic too.

Fiddler said...


Marcia said...

oh, i love, love, love this.
i don't want to write essays, i want to make hundreds and hundreds of dream cartoons.

who is the author who inspired you?

MaGreen said...

It's Jesse Reklaw's site, Slow Wave.

I should have mentioned it in the post!

Send me a link if you draw a dream, I'd love to see.

cake said...

i love that the limitations imposed by the medium led to some gorgeous representation.

Brigindo said...

Just found your blog and I'm excited to read more. Love the dream cartoon

Anonymous said...