Tuesday, July 03, 2007

We are all in Thailand

On Sunday, MaGreen and BabyG made it to Thailand after a harrowing journey. They were not stranded in Atlanta for three days like I was, but BabyG had a very difficult time after the first seven hours of the fourteen hour flight to Seoul. MaGreen said that she cried for the last half briefly stopping to breastfeed. She would swallow the benedryl MaGreen brought and without a dropper, MaGreen could not force it down. Delta, apparently, was not terribly child friendly. The Incheon (Seoul) Airport had a play room which BabyG enjoyed. It even had a little trampoline that she tried out. The last leg of journey, via Korean Airlines from Seoul to Bangkok, went more smoothly. The stewardesses gave BabyG a wonderful book with “magic” reusable stickers of people from all around the world. Nonetheless, when MaGreen and BabyG emerged from immigration and customs at the Bangkok airport, they looked exhausted. I was waiting there for them. BabyG was quiet and had this look on her face that I had never seen before. As soon as she saw me, she started to cry, not loudly, but very plaintively. We took a metered cab to our hotel, the Bhiman Inn, and after an hour more of crying, BabyG, MaGreen, and I finally got some sleep.

Monday, we took the ferry down the Chao Phraya river to the Royal Palace and the temple housing the Emerald Buddha. The lady managing the boat really packed us foreign tourists into that boat. It was hot, but once we made it inside the compound we rehydrated. The temple was extraordinary. We were amazed by the littler details, like the golden bird lamps, the roofing, and the statues of sentries outside the entries of the buildings. In the afternoon, MaGreen and our friend Monica, who is traveling with us, got a traditional Thai massage at the massage school inside a nearby temple. BabyG and I went back to the hotel and reconnected. We read books, tickled each other, and crawled around the bed. MaGreen and BabyG skipped dinner and went straight to bed.

Tuesday, MaGreen was sick. She seems to have had a flu that peaked around noon and by the evening had nearly resolved. Monica, BabyG, and I visited some local markets in Baglamphu and Chinatown. Lots of plastic trinkets and lots of people. In the evening, we ate at the Oriental Hotel along the riverside. Many writers have staid at the hotel including Joseph Conrad, but I would say the rates these days, $300 to $500, are high for most writers.

Today, Wednesday, we started the day with our routine visit to the park down the street. In the early mornings, people do all kinds of exercise which seem to be derived from Thai and Chinese Buddhist traditions. We are going to take it easy and prepare for our planned trip to the Khao Yai National Park tomorrow.

I don’t usually write this kind of diary sort of entry but I just wanted to give everyone a quick update.


Anonymous said...

Glad you all made it. I like the diary comments. Keep us posted. xoxox, Julie

Erik Davis said...

Hey GreenFamily - congratulations on your visit to Thailand! Both of my children were born there (though we were living in Cambodia at the time), and I miss Southeast Asia more than I can say. If you get a chance, make sure to go see the Tuptim Penis Shrine, back behind Nai Lert Park Hotel. Here's a link with directions:


Fiddler said...

I like the diary style travel posts... please continue them!

cake said...

ditto for me on the travel diary post. i love hearing what you guys are up to. did you mean to say that babyG wouldn't swallow the benadryl?
in any case, sounds miserable, but that is in the past now, and you are all together, having adventures! we miss you here, so, keep us posted as you can (more pix!)

Sonia said...


Have read your blog for a while. Its great to read about your trip and the little baby (who by the way resembles my child a lot), partly why I keep coming back. So pls keep writing in from India (I took a trip to there this march with my then 9 mon old) and I have to say it was hard. So good luck, hope magreen feels better. Also pls update the pics on flickr, love seeing babyG and her antics

Robin said...

Hope you can settle into things now that everyone is together. Sending you good vibes, long distance, of course!

sky said...

keep doing travel posts when you get on the road, I enjoy them as well!

not to mention the jealousy

that's okay though, soon I will start my bookmobile and come to visit y'all...


GreenDaddy said...

Thanks everyone for your comments. Unfortunately we've been having problems with blogger and have not been able to add new posts. Hopefully we can resolve the problem soon.