Thursday, May 17, 2007

Okay Something Weird is Happening

BabyG is a veritable toddler's dictionary, she says: (za)pato (as in shoe), aqui, mas (as in more or in give me food now), no (as both a command and a joke), shoes, one, two, three, ojo, pelo, boca, park, book, baby, ball, ouch, not, Mama, Dada, all done, meow, kitty, woof, baa, moo, neigh, Ana, pretty, bye-bye(as a command (let's go NOW) and a salutation), hi, hello, bath, good, buenas, adios, pee pee, poo poo, happy, vaca, qua, pato (duck), Lila, La la la, mine, mia...She's making sentences: No, no, Mama, night night! (I don't want to do that, mom, I want to breastfeed!)

I am giving up on blogging until Sunday night when I hope the blogger glitches that have devastated a longer, better post are no longer.

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