Friday, February 23, 2007

A Blessing for You and Your Newborns

For Ruben and Angela, and for Ruby Graciela and Lucia Simone who were born 19 Feb 07
May they mash you up in their gummy mouths.
May they render you into a pulsing goop,
a thing that shares only a DNA signature
with the person that you were.
Make it new, they will say in their secret languages.
May they hold back their first smiles.
You will peer into their faces at dawn.
You will try swinging around to catch them
laughing at you like torturers.
May they hold back
and yank you down with their first smiles
like undercurrents in the warm sea.


jip said...

thats awesome. great poem. congratulations to ruben and angela. jp

chuck said...

many congrats, R & A!

cake said...

Mr. GD, as usual, you slay me with the way you string words together...thank you, again.