Sunday, November 19, 2006

The Green Parents of Hatchet Cove Farm

On this blog, we’ve chronicled our efforts to defy the SUV-centered, socially-fractured, concrete and strip mall, Velveeta cheese and microwaved broccoli culture of this great city Houston. Today’s post, however, is a break from our urban struggle. We had the honor of interviewing two young organic farmers from Maine – Bill Pluecker and Reba Richardson. They have a beautiful toddler and are visiting Houston to see their brother, who is a friend of mine, for the Thanksgiving holiday.

I always tell MaGreen that our baby should grow up to be an organic farmer and she tells me that I have a romantic notion of organic farmers’ lives. So I jumped at the chance to talk with Bill and Reba. The interview did indeed disillusion me of my romantic ideas about the organic farming life, but it also renewed my respect and admiration for organic farmers. Their lives are clearly not an escape from the tribulations of modern life. They are busy and overwhelmed. They have a hard time balancing family life and work. And yet, the satisfaction they get from their labor is so clear. And they look so damn healthy. Not like appendages to computer workstations. I want to become an organic farmer just to have such a strong, vital body.

To hear the interview, click here – interview of the green parents of Hatchet Cove Farms.

If you live near Friendship, Maine, I would like to encourage you to join their CSA (Community Supported Agriculture) program. You can reach them at 207 832 2264.


jp said...

Yeah! Looks great, Raj. We all had a kickbutt time.

Henitsirk said...

I feel strongly that a farm environment would be so healthy for my children...but I'm not so confident that I could actually do all the work to run a farm! It's easy to have a very romantic vision of rural life, having lived my entire life in suburbia.

Anonymous said...

it's a's a plane...good interview-nz

lissa said...

Oh my gosh I grew up with Reba...what a random internet stumble! GREAT interview! Reba you sound so happy and I think our kiddos are super-close in age...I'll have to call you or you can find me at, I'd love to be in touch!

Yay for hard working small scale organic farmers and eating locally grown food!!!!

lissa juedemann (Hall)

Izzy said...

I'm very interested in hearing your interview. I, too, have a rural/organic farming fantasy in my head!

Did you hear that ABC is airing some special about the, and I paraphrase, "dark side" of organic farming.

My heart sank when I heard that because no matter what they say, conventional farming is ten times worse but people won't think about that part. I just hope it doesn't hurt the entire industry. I know it's not perfect but organics are still our best option.