Tuesday, June 20, 2006

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for the record, i have always been a big fan of the lesser germs, even before the article greendaddy mentioned was published. my old friend julie c. and i used to go so far as to say we didn't believe in them. since that time a number of germs have made themselves terribly apparent to me and i have decided not to be so much in their favor as to disbelieve their existence entirely.

i should clarify that by germs i mean anything smaller than a pore and endowed with the ability to make me throw up, sneeze, get hives, cancer, die, what have you. um. sorry, doctors and lexographers.

anyway, more recently than the article about the healthy sewer lab rats, i think i read somewhere about kids growing up on farms having less alergies or something than city kids?

on another note, every day i am growing more annoyed by bottled water. why do people buy it? i acknowledge that in youth getting water in cone shaped cups, from the culligan man was neat. but what's neat about a plastic bottle? that isn't rhetorical. answer: NOTHING! people! go get filters! they're cheaper and you're more likely to get clean water if you get one! gosh, water is FREE. ish. take it free!

utah is a desert state. lotta water bottles.

(strained transition:)

also lots of alcoholics i know live in utah. and i am more annoyed by cihrossis and alcoholic induced hepatitis, or really, hepatitis in general (my other mom has hep c), than i am at bottled water and its drinkers.

but i'm not really annoyed by germs in general. even when i got the stomach flu last week, i didn't mind. gave me an excuse to rest (that's how fabulous utah has been.) babyg didn't get sick, which seems miraculous. her immune system fired up in response to my flu germs and her white cells kicked my flu cells' asses.

i think this post ended awhile back and i ignored it, which is why i can't think of how to end.

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