Friday, March 10, 2006

Found Poem

here is a list of the keywords people have used to find the green parenting website this month. it gave us quite a chuckle.

garten verein galveston
yoga coffee compost green ideas
organic cotton blissed out mama s milk
cheap organizing ideas
latex nuris
hippy fabric
harilal gandhi
ethanol made of banana peelings
statistical graphs for sweatshop workers
pressed wood musty smell
how to eliminate mildew odors from old dolls
yellowing tupperware
photos of hindu wedding
copper stains on shower stalls
fruit wine stains
pride of houston yaupon tree
eucalyptus for deodorizer inside shoes
background composting science fair
atoning for sin
removing decomposing bodily fluids from wood floor
breast cancer keychain called boob a thing
seven mangal fera meaning
tilak hindu ceremony
picture of a ilex vomitoria stores plant
drain uncloggers
hasta melap
fabric softener dishwasher cleaner
non-acidic lime dissolver
grizzly eats human
free lactating stories of men that enjoy suckling from women
pictures for rot proof finish in textiles
deoderize washing machine
images of pride of houston yaupon
removing bird poo stain
parenting a 3 month old what is the objective
natural toilet uncloggers


Robin said...

what a list -- so unreal!

IzzyMom said...

I get some really sick ones, too. And I have to wonder how my site comes up. Sometimes some of the words aren't anywhere on my blog.

Anonymous said...

free lactating stories... and removing bird poo stain are my two favorites. Some people... It almost makes me want to google those and find out hat else comes up. I mean if your great site can be found under those searches imagine the many treasures of sites out there in the world wide web that can be found from obscured searches!