Friday, December 23, 2005

Happy Birthday!!!!

Raj and Miah decided to celebrate Raj's birthday by having a baby! What else do you do on a birthday, but give birth?

BabyG was born 11.46AM, December 22, 2005.
She is 7lb 7oz, 20in.
And she and MaGreen are doing just fine.


Laura said...

That's got to be the best birthday present ever!

Congratulations to you both!! Hooray!

Robin said...

So happy to learn of your wonderful news! We (Robin, Marcia, Pearl & Jojo) send love, love, love!

Momma Michelle said...

congrats! oh your poem about your wife giving birth moved me. natural labor is so powerful, i know, i birthed my boy at home. you're babe is beautiful! thanx for sharing.