Tuesday, November 29, 2005

Eco Green Natural Gift Ideas for Baby Showers and Holidays

MaGreen and I both try to avoid obsessive and arguably immoral consumerism. We know we will not become ideal parents by buying expensive, new things. We frequent a local second-hand baby shop and are grateful for hand-me-downs. However, expecting parents and newborns do receive many gifts. Gifts are an expression of the givers’ love (or at least their sense of duty and obligation). And new parents do need lots of equipment and clothing. I hope this list is useful to new parents, friends, and family. In making our choices, we sought out organic and fair trade items when possible and reasonable. In some instances, however, we believe plastic makes sense or is unavoidable. Unfortunately it can be difficult to create a baby registry for these types of gifts. We’ve had some success with felicity.com. Please feel free to make suggested additions or critiques through the comments option. Note the prices are approximations in US dollars and we don’t receive any advertising money.

Baby Clothing, Receiving Blankets, and Sheets

Baggie/Gown Organic -- $21.99
Bummis Sleeveless Bib -- $9.25
Organic Kimono, snap wrap style -- $14.99
Zutano Complete Outfit (cotton and colorful, but not organic) -- $29.95
Sckoon Organic Cotton Baby Underwear -- $13
Sckoon Organic Cotton Wrap-me Body -- $24
Organic Cotton Cap (many options available) -- $9
Organic Sheets -- $150

Cloth Diapering, Diaper Services, and “Diaper Free” Supplies
Google Diaper Services Directory

Infant Potty Training by Laurie Boucke -- $19.50
Daytime Diaper Cover: Bummis Prints -- $10
Nighttime Diaper Cover: Stacinator Deluxe Fleece Prints -- $17.50
Snap Pants -- $14.03
Fuzzi Bunz Micro Terry Inserts -- $5.50
Fuzzi Bunz Stay-Dry Changing Pad -- $14.95
FUZZI BUNZ system (see fuzzibunz.com/care.htm) -- $14.95
Happy Pants, Small 8 – 14 lbs. -- $12.00
Hemp/Cotton Fleece Doublers -- $2.33
Imse Vimse Swim Diaper -- $11.95
Infant 4x6x4 Chinese Prefold - $1.50


TV-B-Gone (keychain remote that can turn off televisions) -- $19.99


Organic, Fair Trade Teddy Bear -- $29
Aubrey Organics Baby Shampoo -- $7.95
Case of 10 Fair Trade Green & Black's Chocolate Bars -- $35
Receiving Blanket Organic -- $22


Laura said...

This is some great stuff, Raj! (And a great blog! wow!)

I can't help but notice how expensive it is to be a conscientious consumer. Arguably, these are the "real prices" we should be paying all the time, and being accustomed to cheap goods is part of the way exploitative capitalism has spoiled us and twisted our expectations.

Still, I'm uncomfortable when a non-toxic and otherwise healthy life is only available to those who can afford it, and when "natural" and "organic" becomes synonymous with "chic" and "expensive."

The more these items get bought, the more the prices will go down, I guess. We can always hope!

GreenDaddy said...

Hi Laura,

I'm so glad you looked at the blog. I agree that the green eco fair trade stuff is expensive. However, sometimes the up front costs are high but over the longterm it's cheaper. I think this is the case with cloth diapers that you wash yourself. That saves several hundred dollars a year, from what I've read and heard from others.


MaGreen said...

All this stuff is expensive. What I noticed at the baby shower was that people who generally buy eight little onesies only bought one and a hat or something, or only a hat. People payed the same amount as they generally want to, and we got less stuff, and will use less, and maybe that's a good, secret lesson of its own. If I think of my own closet, jam packed w/cheap clothes, it makes me think I should transition into less, more sustainable threads.

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